The Story

It started looking back at our careers noticing that we have grown, turned around and saved so many companies and secured so many jobs, that we realized this was something special! We experienced so few people that could actually ‘walk the talk’ and not leave the client with a pile of studies and analysis only that we decided more companies could use our help.

About Us

Nothing is more rewarding than securing the future for companies that temporarily struggle with challenges. We help getting back on track, improving and/or turn around performances. As we have seen our share of consultants we want to do differently. We commit to bringing more value than costs and actually implement and deliver the results!

Managing Partner

Maarten Poels, 20 years of experience in private, listed and equity run companies. Hands on, people focused and passionate approach. Scanning current situation, identify business opportunities, translate them to strategic and transparent goals. Creative in turn arounds and how to get there. Strong in getting ideas from power point to actions and follow up to deliver the expected results. Maarten is based in Amsterdam. Currently on a long term assignment but available 1 to 2 days per week.

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Maarten Dekker has 25 years of international management and commercial experience. He is a people manager with a structured, clear and workable approach. He worked for global firms leading multi-cultural teams but also for start up’s backed private equity. He gives guidance on strategic and operational level, from short term turn arounds to long term planning. Always with one focus and that is getting the job done, foremost together with the respective teams! Maarten has a bachelor in marketing & finance and based in Amsterdam and available for projects.


Neil Bothams drives for results by being hands-on and people focused. He has 25 years of experience in private, listed and equity run companies including Unilever, Mars and PepisCo. His international career spans manufacturing; food supply chains; relocation; aviation and energy. He has a ‘First Class’ engineering degree, and post graduate diploma in Business Administration from Henley Management College. Neil is based in London and currently on a long term project in the UK.


Armando Voets brings ideas to life. Bridging Digital and commerce, next to connecting vision, creativity, and execution. Based in the Netherlands he is a fast-paced, contemplative innovator, who gained experience in the international telecom world, predominantly in the area of sales, product- and business development, outpaced by senior commercial management and M&A roles. Strong believer of orchestrating your business future within a Digital eco-system. Currently on a long term Telco project in Stockholm.


Baker Arafeh has 16 years of experience in management consulting mainly in strategy development & execution, business process management & automation, enterprise architecture, business excellence, operating models design, project management and performance management. He managed & was involved in projects across the industries: public, telco, education, defense, sports, social services, manufacturing, real estate, automotive, retail, e-commerce in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and is based in Abu Dhabi and currently on a long term project.


Tristan is based in Geneva and has recently joined an international investment fund as CFO. He also bought an industry company. Both names will be disclosed shortly.


Patrick Michaels is based in the USA and currently on a long term assignment in West Palm Beach at AKA as Managing Director.


William Fung is based in Hong Kong and currently on a long term assignment as regional CFO at Permasteelisa.

Value Proposition

1 We deliver more than we cost!
Easier said than done but this is set as a qualifier in the Needs Assessment.

2 We relieve you from your immediate challenges in 90 days!
The nxt90days program will generate results. But also set the structure for the future. We are in for 90 days, leaving the new way of work to the existing management team.

We focus on high impact projects!
No need for a full program but you urgently want help on a high impact project delivering immediate return using the tooling of nxt90day modules.

The nxt90days Program

We described the common factors in all projects we have been doing in the past and developed specific tooling. The Needs Assessment is our central point of departure. It qualifies the project and takes us to the six strategic  drivers  of your organization. Touching these will enable us to improve cash and profit.

The nxt90days Modules

The six modules will be run within the first 6 weeks of the 90 days program. Exactly, we are halfway the project and we need to finalize and propose the business plan. We have been implementing along the way in parallel with our findings. That makes it possible to capture results in the last 4 weeks and onwards.

Our Commitment

Before we even start, we qualify the project for success. This means we want to be sure to deliver the expected and required outcome. Based upon the company information and our projections, we set a baseline of cash and profit. Together we set goals for improvement. The nxt90days sharing scheme commits us to share if we over- or undershoot.


Why you would hire us!

We optimise your organisation and re-think business models. We leverage internal efficiencies and increase effectiveness to the market: leading to better margins and cash position.

Basically, we shift gear in your organisation, speeding up improvements and stopping actions that do not move the needle.

We do this with a full 90 days program or on a specific high impact project, full-time or part-time. We work collaboratively with your team, leaving them with a process and structure for the future.

Projects on the go..

  • Digital consultancy on Supply Chain
  • Implementing digital tools 
  • Opening local branch office
  • Raising capital for patented innovation
  • System modeling and data crunching
  • Drive compliance in Covid-19 crises
  • Enhance CX experience
  • Cost alignment to revenue
  • Process alignment to improve efficiency
  • Acceleration program on revenue
  • Raising substantial funding for start-up
Case studies

We worked for







Brands we love!

We love to collaborate or to get inspired by great brands. Teaming up and learning will deliver the best results.

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After seeing this we can not imagine you do not want to contact us! We deliver more then we cost. Who would not like this? Please leave your details and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

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